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Infamous presents: Crossbreed Therapy vol. 3 | 5th of May 2013
Infamous presents: Crossbreed Therapy vol. 3
Curro Cortes Torres aka Infamous, is a Sevillian producer, who is well and truly established in the Drum 'n Bass scene.

Infamous started DJing over a decade ago and nine years later he started to produce his own Drum 'n Bass sounds. Several of his tracks were released on labels such as Metafiziq, Melting Pot, DarkBox, Infectech and Ninth Circle Recordings.

He has played at most of the Drum 'n Bass events in Spain such as Display Sessions (Madrid), International Meeting D.N.B (Valencia), Xion Club (Criptana), Industrial Copera Club (Granada), Jam Club (Bilbao). Nowadays he's getting bookings from all across Europe.

He shared the DJ-booth with respected artists like Vicious Circle, Noisia, TeeBee, Raiden, Phace and Spor.

With a serious and refined style his sets are defined and precise and his tunes are audibly influenced by techno, metal and hardcore.

By releasing irrefutable and strong podcasts, awesome collabs and releases, Infamous is really busy making his name in the hardest Dark DnB and Crossbreed scene.

Once again he's coming up strong, with a new podcast of more than an hour of the best that the scene has to offer.

Infamous presents... CROSSBREED THERAPY vol.3


01. INTRO - Proton Kid
02. eRRe & Hardlogik - Hell Street
03. Proton Kid - Scare (TriaGato VIP)
04. Infamous & Proton Kid - Amazing Machine
05. The Hard Way - Devil Workshiping Motherfuckers
06. The Clamps - The Real Enemy
07. Infamous & Syrinx - Possibility
08. Contrage - Nefertitie
09. Limewax - Agent Orange (Mathizm bootleg)
10. Hardlogik - Simulated Life
11. Triagato - Hrom
12. Cooh & Gancher & Ruin - Continuity
13. Katharsys - Last Will
14. Corrupted Minds - Scream of Satan
15. TriaGato & Circular D - Will Keep Us From Death
16. Cooh & Counterstrike & Donny - The Spell
17. eRRe - Something Evil
18. Hallucinator - Disturbed
19. Ogonek - Long Johnson
20. Corrupted Minds - Psychedelic Delirius
21. Mathizm & Memtrix - Cardiak Arrest
22. Limewax & Cooh - Angel of Shit
23. Katharsys - Life is a Bitch
24. Inerpois & Krieg - Paradigm
25. Contrage - The Destroyer
26. Brainpain - Shockwave
27. Cooh - Stun Gun
28. DKaos - Tommy the Buzz
29. Alexander Head - Urban Legend
30. Mad Complex - Blast Weapon
31. Syrinx - Tiith Ibside Vogina
32. DKaos - We are the Virus
33. Triamer - Sacrifice
34. DKaos - Trachno (Cooh rmx)
35. Syrinx - The Journeyman

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