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Free minimix download: Dirty Tricks LP by BTK & Optiv | 17th of July 2012
Free minimix download: Dirty Tricks LP by BTK & Optiv
Hailing from Brazil, now based in the heart of Switzerland, BTK has worked for an impressive list of heavyweight labels such as Renegade Hardware, Subtitles Music and Virus Recordings. Already setting a firm foundation with these labels and many others, BTK’s tracks regularly receive support from some of the biggest DJs in the scene, such as Andy C, Ink, Ed Rush & Optical, Dom & Roland, Gridlok, The Upbeats, Audio and many more.

When Optiv’s music career began the term MP3 was a mere twinkle in the eye of future music format and at this time spinning vinyl was the preferred method for DJ-ing. It’s clear to see that with his music being pressed to vinyl on over 20 different labels he has earned his colors and stripes as a master of his trade.

Together they have made a new LP: Optiv & BTK - Dirty Tricks LP [Virus Recordings - VRS009LP]
'Dirty Tricks' is pure Virus. Tempering eerie, unsettling soundscapes and disgustingly twisted bass with an insufferable sense of groove and warmth to create an album that fans of the label will be well at home with, and that will leave newcomers astounded by its engineering finesse and endless depth.

To celebrate that they have over 10.000 followers on SoundCloud, they have put a minimix online which you can download for free!

Optiv & BTK - Dirty Tricks LP Minimix [ Virus Recordings - VRS009LP ] by BTK | Dutty Audio

01. Optiv & BTK - Don't Need You
02. Optiv & BTK - No Way Out
03. Optiv & BTK - Cantilever
04. Optiv & BTK - Let Yourself Go
05. Optiv & BTK - Dirty Tricks
06. Optiv & BTK - Into The Wild
07. Optiv & BTK - Riptide
08. Optiv & BTK - Start It Again
09. Optiv & BTK - Payback
10. Optiv & BTK - Terminal City
11. Optiv & BTK - Mind Control
12. Optiv & BTK - Infested
13. Optiv & BTK - Haywire

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