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Freqax - HARDER & LOUDER PODCAST #24 | 3rd of April 2013
Freqax is a Romanian music production project formed by Adrenalina and Weirdo.

Their passion for music comes from their biggest inspiration “The Prodigy” and they discovered the Drum ‘n  Bass genre in the late 90's. Both started producing in early 2000.

They made electronic music long time before they met in 2006 and when they joined “Darkeast Crew” they got the chance to cooperate together on several large gigs.

Due to the huge success they had at the “Dark East” and “Drop Dread” events, and the various production collaborations, they decided to proceed under a single name called “Freqax” (short for Frequency Axe).

By assembling their own different styles together and with years of experience, they created a new unique and bangin' sound.

In 2009 Freqax revealed itself along with their first signed release "The Ax" at Algorythm Recordings and their first 12" vinyl release at PRSPCT Recordings in 2010.

Since 2012 Adrenalina decided to quit the band because of his own personal matters.

They have shared the DJ-Booth alongside respected Dark DnB producers/Dj’s such as Dylan, Technical Itch, Limewax, Current Value, Ewun, Evol Intent, The Panacea, Black Sun Empire, Noisia and more.

Unfortunately, by only 50% of Freqax, but a 100% filthy and banging podcast!!

Enjoy; Harder & Louder Podcast #24!!

01. Freqax – The upside down house
02. Future cut – Obsession (Ulterior motive Rmx)
03. Zardonic – Dominate
04. Freqax – Gods
05. Counterstrike & Black Sun Empire – Escape
06. Gridlok – Dirtball
07. Nickbee – Universe
08. Goldberg Variations – Fuckter
09. Freqax & Ogonek – OMG
10. Cooh & Counterstrike – Crowd Surfer (The outside agency Rmx)
11. Freqax & Katharsys – Violence
12. Replicator & K-Rob – Fucking druids (Replicator cumover VIP)
13. Freqax – Lies and blood
14. The Outside Agency – Tesla
15. Anime – Rock for real
16. Dither – Expanding limbo
17. Hallucinator – Disturbed
18. Forbidden Society – Demolition fist
19. Freqax & Brainpain – Find me
20. Freqax – Insanity
21. Freqax – Minor dirtsquares
22. Freqax – Harder
23. Freqax – Electric donut
24. Freqax – Wickedness
25. Freqax – Political crime
26. Freqax feat Rares – Jump into the pit
27. The Prodigy – Smack my bitch up (Noisia Rmx)

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