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Eatbrain Podcast 013 by Jade - best of 2013 selection | 19th of January 2014
Eatbrain Podcast 013 by Jade - best of 2013 selection
As one of the figures that helped define the neurofunk sound, Jade needs no introduction.

Drawing from a wide range of influences including Konflict, The Prodigy and The Crystal Method, the Hungarian producer Gábor Simon aka Jade has been producing hit after hit for the last eleven years, with his very first release being snapped up by none other than Black Sun Empire.

A veteran in his field, Jade has become an integral part of the neurofunk scene, and his tracks have been remixed by heavyweights such as Phace, Audio, and Icicle.

With huge collaborations with Black Sun Empire, an infamous bootleg of Dick Dale's ‘Misirlou’ (aka “The Pulp Fiction theme”), and his own highly acclaimed album on Citrus Recordings, Jade now focusses on his own label Eatbrain.

Eatbrain Records: a forward thinking imprint, standing at the crux of heavy dancefloor rhythms and the razor's edge of drum & bass.


The 13th Eatbrain podcast is here!

This is the 2nd part of the series. Jade started recording towards the end of last year, presenting the tunes he's played and loved the most throughout the year. This no talk show mix, the Eatbrain Podcasts are pure music!

"Selecting these tunes was a real challenge as there were way more tunes I loved this year, so I made a up a rule that only one tune makes it to the mix from one release. It was insanely hard to choose between Peepshow remix and Headroom VIP and to pick just one tune from the Project Trendkill album or the Audio album. I made one exception though, there was no way I could play only one tune from the Blackout remix album." - Jade

Enjoy; Eatbrain Podcast 013 by Jade - The best of 2013 selection

01. BSE & Jade - Deadhouse(Mefjus & Insideinfo remix) (Blackout)
02. Mefjus - Signalz (Critical)
03. Rockwell - Detroit (Shogun Audio)
04. Usual Suspects - Killa Bees (Insideinfo remix)
05. Maztek - M-Theory (Renegade Hardware)
06. June Miller & Nymfo - Misfits (RAM)
07. Phace - Shitstrom (Neosignal)
08. C4C - Peepshow (Audio remix) (Virus)
09. Mind Vortex - Gravity (RAM)
10. Mefjus - Dissuade (Critical)
11. Fourward - Sewer Run (Mainframe)
12. Audio - Bag of Bones (Blackout)
13. Optiv & CZA - Vital Signs (Renegade Hardware)
14. Mindscape - Brightness (Eatbrain)
15. DC Breaks - Swag (RAM)
16. Nickbee - Third Entity (Invisible)
17. Zardonic & Messinian - Survive (State Of Mind remix) (Big Riddim)
18. Dose - What Lies Within (Shogun Audio)
19. Gridlok & Prolix - Revenge (Project Trendkill)
20. BSE & Noisia - Lead Us (Audio remix) (Blackout)
21. Telekinesis feat Coppa - Pocket Full of Drops (Eatbrain)
22. Prolix - Here We Go Again (Trendkill)
23. Nickbee - Apollo 13 (Eatbrain)
24. Optiv & BTK - Bad Attitude (Blackout)
25. Misanthrop - Greed of Gain (Neosignal)
26. The upbeats - Beyound Reality (Vision)
27. Insideinfo & Mefjus - Mythos (Virus)
28. Teddy Killerz - Violence (Eatbrain)
29. Calyx & Teebee - Strung Out VIP (RAM)
30. Phace & Misanthrop - MPD (Neosignal)
31. Fourward - Aftermath (Mainframe)
32. Gridlok & Prolix - Membrane (RAM)
33. BSE feat Thomas Oliver - All Is Lost (Memtrix remix) (Blackout)
34. The Upbeats feat Tasha Baxter - Alone (Fourward remix) (Vision)
35. BSE & Eye-D - Brainfreeze (Neonlight remix)
36. Aeph feat Maksim - Black Hoax (Lifted Music)
37. Audio - Airbourne (Virus)
38. Chris.SU - State of Mind - The Burning (Fate Records)

And in case you missed the 2012 selection: 

EATBRAIN Podcast 005 by Jade - best of 2012

01. Mefjus - Distantia (Neodigital)
02. Black Sun Empire & Rido - Thunderbolt (BSE Recordings)
03. Break - Kicked To Death (Symmetry)
04. Dabs - Skullbowl (Syndrome)
05. Black Sun Empire - Chaingang [Jade remix] (BSE Recordings)
06. Teddy Killerz - New Drums (Bad Taste Recordings)
07. Noisia & The Upbeats - Dustup (vision Recordings)
08. Jade ft Rymetyme - Smashface (Eatbrain)
09. Audio - Headroom (Virus)
10. June Miller - Snapcase (Critical)
11. DRS ft Enei - Count To Ten (Soul:R)
12. Dose - Face Your Fears (Shogun Ltd)
13. Audio & Mindscape - Jarhead (Bad Taste Recordings)
14. Mefjus & Neonlight - Hot Glue (Eatbrain)
15. Calyx & Teebee Ft Kemo - Pure Gold (Ram)
16. Octane, DLR & Break - Murmur (Dispatch)
17. Mindscape - Stardust (Commercial Suicide)
18. Aeph - One Last Chance (Lifted Music)
19. Audio & Insideinfo - Recluse (Virus)
20. Optiv - Krakpot [Jade Remix] (Close2death)
21. Culture Shock - Troglodyte (Ram)
22. Fourward - Talk To Me (Mainframe)
23. The Upbeats - Undertaker (Vision)
24. Insideinfo - Honey Bee [Audio Remix] (Viper)
25. Optiv & BTK - Start It Again (Virus)
26. State Of Mind, Black Sun Empire & Bulletproof - Roulette [Gridlok Remix] (Som Music)
27. Mindscape - Warpzone (Commercial Suicide)
28. Billain - Batbots (Bad Taste Recordings)
29. Optiv & BTK - Zero Hour (Frequency)
30. Ulterior Motive Ft Codebreaker - It's On (Subtitles)
31. Chris.Su & Falkon - Disoriented (Subtitles)
32. Phace - Stresstest (Neosignal)
33. Camo & Krooked - Menace [Mefjus Remix] (Hospital Records)
34. Black Sun Empire & Noisia - Feed The Machine (Bse Recordings)
35. Jade - Lazertag (Lifted Music)
36. Hedj & Neonlight - System Error [Jade Remix] (Trust In Music)

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