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Burr Oak - Supreme Entity (Eatbrain) | 29th of July 2022
EATBRAIN · Burr Oak - Supreme Entity (Eatbrain 140)

After months spent amidst the depths of the wilds since their passage beneath a great relic of The Dark Age, Scruggs and Sonny Jim stood once more before an object of inscrutable origin, a monolith engraved with the runic language of a long-lost culture. Puzzled, and with a bare amount of literacy available between them, their wizened trigger fingers traced the engraved markings upon the stone as the pair engaged in a once-in-a-lifetime attempt at scholarship.

“Yeah Sonny Jim”
“I ain't got one lick of an idea ‘bout what we’re looking at”

“Yup” was Scruggs’ sole reply as his finger drew towards the end of a particular sentence inscribed upon the monolith’s surface, though he knew it not as such. Then, with a sound the pair would later describe to their fellows around the campfire as “a flash flood and a twig snapping at the same time”, the pair vanished from the space before the monolith.

When they reappeared, the vision before their eyes was unlike any they had ever encountered before. The pair were astounded to find that they seemed to stand upon the very clouds amidst an endless void of darkness inlaid with millions of tiny points of light. Before this minuscule moment of comprehension had ended, the pair were once more bemused by the fact that they seemed to have fallen back to Earth in an instant, landing in an altogether different world than they had ever known. Lying amidst a labyrinth of pyramids graded by steep stone steps, the pair’s vision was overtaken by a brilliant flash of light that preceded the emergence of a plantoid being wrapped in vine, stem, and leaf woven together in mimicry of the human form. Though possessing only the semblance of a mouth, the voice of the SUPREME ENTITY echoed like thunder off of the hard surfaces of the pyramids that surrounded them, imparting a terrifying warning through their ears and directly into the core of their minds.

“Lower beings, the BURR OAK will take over this world. There are no limits. You will be mine, forever."

BURR OAK return to EATBRAIN with their latest single, SUPREME ENTITY, which comes as the first sample of the duo’s forthcoming debut album. The result of their long journey through the wildest of sonic realms, SUPREME ENTITY, and the album for which it stands as the harbinger are set to transform the sonic world of the EATBRAIN horde in the coming months as BURR OAK reveal the path to their sonic home.

// Artist
Burr Oak

// Label

// Release date
Beatport Exclusive - 29/07/22
Worldwide - 12/08/22

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