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AK-Industry aka Homeboy (Santos David) and DJ Mayhem (Richard Allaman) owners of Nekrolog1k Recordings & AK-Industry Events , are Industrial Hardcore producers from Portugal.

They started to work together in Switzerland back in 2006. Combining Industrial Hardcore and Hard Drum and Bass skillz, they released their first collaboration remixing I:GOR?s GangBang tune for his last album on Strike Records, ?The Art of Distortion?.

In 2008, they started to spread their own sound print around Main Hardcore events across Europe like, Q-Base, Toxicator, Army of Hardcore, MuSick Resients or Club R_AW and various festivals. They?ve been also released on many labels like Industrial Strength (USA), Ninja Columbo (UK) Ad Noiseam (DE) ? and of course Nekrolog1k (BE) and Agnost1k Recordings (BE).

They?re working on new collaborations with artists like Lowroller, Bryan Fury, Switch Technique, Igneon System, Delta9 & Fiend with brand new bombs coming soon. Be aware? more and more to come !
Source: www.nekrolog1krecordings.com/ak-industry

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