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Redpill is the perfect balance between divergent styles joined together through a prism of aggression, musicality and absolute immersion. His unique and inventive flawless cutting-edge sound is already steering waves in the scene, that desperately needs outside-the-box thinkers like Rémi.

Despite being an electronic music producer, Redpill ‘s signature sound has grown influenced by not only Neurofunk Drum and Bass but even Rock, Funk and Metal. Former member of Bl4ck Owlz for years (Invisible, Eatbrain), Rémi is a multi-instrumentalist with more than 15 years of guitar, bass guitar and analog synthesizer playing.

With releases on Eatbrain, Invisible, Bad Taste, Cause4Concern and collabs with renowned artists such as Maztek, Zombie Cats and Fragz, Redpill seems to be one of the more promising newcomers in the drum and bass scene.

Starting 2018 with his second significant foray into Jade’s Eatbrain imprint « Call of the Warchief EP », Redpill continues to prove his effectiveness on the dance and willingness to experiment relentlessly with the neurofunk sound. Eatbrain provide a solid and nurturing home on which this talented young producer continues to flex his exponentially growing skills.
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