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The PRSPCT Family Album Promo Mix | 25th of April 2013
The PRSPCT Family Album Promo Mix
The PRSPCT Family Album will be hitting the streets on May 6th 2013!

Including 13 Banging tracks by almost all of the PRSPCT recordings artists.

"Of course we could write down a bunch of cool words and sentences about how awesome this record is going to be, but in this case because it's such a HUGE album release we'll just let the music do the talking." (Trasher, big boss of PRSPCT)

Now sit back, relax, grab a beer and listen to this preview of the PRSPCT Family Album!

01. Goldberg Variations - Whoopi of
02. Eye-D - Mission Statement
03. Lowroller - Payback Time
04. Katharsys & Cooh - Dark Red
05. Donny & Dub Elements - The Evil
06. Gancher & Ruin - Victim
07. Limewax & Thrasher - PRSPCT Wrecking Crew Anthem
08. Sinister Souls - Skullsplitter
09. DJ Hidden - The Raw Universe
10. Current Value & Cooh - Biohazard
11. I:gor - Total Confusion
12. Counterstrike & Bong Ra feat. Johnny Petterson - Possessed
13. Hallucinator - Death will Set Us Free

This release will be available as gatefold 3 x vinyl inc. free CD, Poster, T-Shirt, etc.. with amazing artwork!!!

Show some love and buy this fucker when it hits the streets on May 6th 2013!

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