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Obeisant - Twin EP (Locked Concept) | 23rd of December 2017
Obeisant - Twin EP (Locked Concept)
OBEISANT brings the next instalment of the relentlessly diverse series of LOCKED CONCEPT releases, focused on pure creative attitude and a willingness to plough a colourful furrow edged with high-level production. The TWIN EP delivers 4 tracks of glittering tech beauty with a sensibility that's perfectly balanced between old school references, organic samples and a firmly modern approach to beat structure and arrangement. Leading with possibly the most vibrant track on the release,

INFLATABLE conjures a spectrum of retro energy with in your face rave stabs, orchestral hits and neon sax. I NEED issues a smudged haze distortion with its pads, against a blisteringly bold bass line that brings a insistently heavy vibe to the track. Title track TWIN shifts uneasily on Burial-esque percussion that works exquisitely in a drum and bass format - at once constant and strong, but carefully balanced and lilting in the background and bringing a very unique flavor. THE ONE comes full circle on the rave flavours, with nostalgic breakbeats but an exceptionally forward thinking progression that's at once playful and slightly schizophrenic.
Obeisant - Twin EP (Locked Concept)

New Zealand artist Obeisant follows up his debut outing on Critical Music's Binary series with a poised and artful 2nd step, finding himself on one of the Southern Hemisphere's most daring labels in Locked Concept.

Artist: Obeisant
Release: Twin EP
Label: Locked Concept
Release Date: 23-12-2017

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