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"Dark Drum and Bass artist"

Lives in:Lisboa, Portugal  Google Maps


Currently one of the best known names in the portuguese Drum & Bass scene due to much dedication and work, C-Netik got into the genre in 2000 while discovering Hip-Hop and other alternative styles with friends. During that year, he got started in production, building Hip-Hop loops and experimenting in Hardcore, Downtempo, and of course Drum & Bass. His evolution as a producer was always overseen by Inph, who shared a great deal of his production software knowledge. They understood each other instantly and naturally began to work on tunes together. The production duo C-Netik & Inph was officially formed in 2003 with the tune "Event Horizon", which was passed to friends and such, who liked the work and asked for more. It was the incentive which they needed to keep producing.

In the Summer of 2005 a promo mix with original works was created - 'Descent Studio Mix' - which was spread on the web and got great feedback on the well known DogsOnAcid forum among others, and so the first signing opportunities appear through labels Close 2 Death and Shadybrain. Now focusing on his solo D&B production, C-Netik aims to use and reinvent tendencies from various genres - Techno, Hip-Hop, Ambient, Industrial, Hardcore - creating a fusion of styles which results in original sounds with hypnotic basslines.

In 2007 he becomes active in the national Drum & Bass DJ circuit, becoming part of promoter/collective Yellow-Stripe, he is now a resident DJ for the Therapy Sessions hosted by the promoter and featuring in the heaviest events, next to headliners such as Counterstrike, Dylan, Robyn Chaos, Limewax, The Panacea, Current Value, Noisia, Raiden, Audio...Currently spanning a large spectrum of the heaviest D&B in his sets, he seeks to strengthen his connection with the crowd and transmit the best of the darkest side of the genre.

After being awarded Best Producer and Best Tune (Simulator VIP) on the main portuguese D&B website (CowsOnPatrol), winning a production competition held by Full Force Recordings and COP, as well as being recognized on other portuguese media, C-Netik has cemented his identity as an established staple of quality production and performances. Currently he is also one of the heads of Yellow Stripe Recordings, founded early 2011, releasing some of the best international and national productions of the darkest side of Drum & Bass, on a worldwide level.

You can reach me here or via:

E-mail- cnetik@yellow-stripe.com
AIM - cnetik

For worldwide bookings contact:
Ricardo Gouveia
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Source: www.facebook.com/cnetik

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My new sounds: C-Netik - Incinerate (feat. Robyn Chaos) https://t.co/6YdebwVU7e on #SoundCloud

Published: 29 Oct 2015 22:22:30

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