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My name is Michael aka Fakemachine . I'm from Barnaul city, Siberia and i rule Harder & Louder Recording. All other time, I am working in digital business.

Our label's team consists of five people including designer, technician and three co-owners who are angrily arguing about almost everything.

How it all began in 2011:
On one of the local partys, my set was canceled. In case it was preparing for a long time i decided to post it as a podcast at harder-louder.com

A bit later, I invite Pretty Boy and Smart Boy aka Frame of Mind and Kostya The Illuminati to make a podcast too. And it started. At this time we have 27 podcasts in our bag.

How we became a recording label:
There were negotiations about the podcast with Avis . He decided to give us a free track called "Evolved" (you can download it on our soundcloud). And it were the first steps, the first two releases were free but later we signed contracts with Juno and Audiosickness.

Today we are working and communicating with many producers of Drum & Bass and Hardcore scene (except someone with star sickness).

There are some problems not to be spoken. Imagine the life of electronic music label in Siberia.

At this moment, we stopped harder-louder.com activity as a blog. There will be a new website redesign and content, the appropriate level of the label. Two news: we have to merge with Infectech Recordings and will be release (HLTD004) by Freqax with Harder & Louder Anthem.

Stay tune: All these news will be revealed as soon as possible.
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