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Joe Ford
@AlexCentra_ still one of the best dnb tracks I ever heard: https://t.co/B3xG9zf4LX
Mob Tactics
RT @MyNuLeng: Dropping a naughty little roller for you lot this Friday with @Mob_Tactics - Get readyyyy!💥 https://t.co/vY0ZfrZUyu
Mob Tactics
@MyNuLeng 👀 🥁
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25 years old dj, promoter and producer

Also founder and owner of Tech Cycle Recordings,
a digital drum and bass label founded in the end of 2009th year. It's located in Orel, Russia. Tech Cycle was started for releasing various hard drum and bass genres like: technoid, hardstep, darkstep, halfstep, techno dnb and similar subgenres. The label is happy to support any talented drum and bass artist. And with internet it's now possible for producers from many different places to shape culture together. Our main goal is support of young, talented artists and also cooperation with the well-known musicians bringing qualitative, hard and dark drum and bass music into masses.

Releases of Tech Cycle has got positive responses and support from: Counterstrike, Katharsys, Zardonic, Thought, Kaiza, DJ G-I-S, DJ Gvozd and many other figures of a scene, almost from every corner of the globe.
Source: soundcloud.com/dj-darrel

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