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Asphexia Project was founded by brother and sister, Michael and Marina Tovkach from Moscow, Russia.

Michael, who had music education, has been keen of music and sound equipment since early childhood.

In 1998 he has heard Drum & Bass music for first time, it was the Storm Radioshow, he became to learn, investigate this kind of music, and also started his first steps of Drum & Bass producing.

Firstly the main producing instrument was FL Studio 2.5, then, with using Propellerhead Reason, new horizons of producing were opened, new abilities became available. Now Asphexia project is using Cubase + Reason.

Michael has been producing music for about 4 years when his sister, Marina, also inspired with Drum & Bass music. They decided to combine efforts to increase the quality of sound and bring out new ideas in music.

Their music can be characterized as Techno Drum & Bass, Technoid. There?s been nothing heard about Asphexia project for a long time because Michael is a very modest man, he thought that their works is pretty ?raw? and the quality of sound is not so high as it required.

Today Asphexia project tracks are played by Masheen, Sunchase, Amex, Walder, Proket, Malsum, Cooh etc. Project has number of releases on Tilt Recordings, HMSU, Melting Pot, Future13, Flight Rec, also forthcoming releases on Ennex (12? Vinyl Release!) and Cyba Drum?
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