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3RDKND is new project of Forbidden Society, Donny & Katharsys focused on experimental, military step, hard & dark Drum and Bass. These guys know each other for many years and have been producing and playing similar music so now we can catch them together. 3RDKND consists of the hardest side of drum and bass and presents many years of experience of each of them and the interconnection of the subtleties of individual producers styles into something new and special.

Jindrich comes from the south of Czech Republic and he started to mingle with electronic music around the beginning of 1998.After long seven years full of experiments the path has taken him all the way to Drum and Bass. Since his youth he favored grindcore, punk and metal. So with every experience gathered on his musical journey, especially in digital hardcore and breakcore punk, he merged all those elements together et voila, a new project was born – Forbidden Society. In the year 2010, the name of Forbidden Society started to gain bigger proportions. For Jindra that meant even more commitment to hard work on polishing his own unique sound and to start his own label Forbiden Society Recordings.

Donny is a UK born, DJ, and producer of distinctive sample-based Drum and Bass, renowned for his use of hard breaks and dark atmospheres.

Katharsys began in 2001 when Hugo, a pianist, and Tom, a sound technician, start producing their first Drum and Bass tracks, inspired by the dark grooves and demented beats of artists such as Tech Itch, Dylan, Kemal, Konflict, Photek and Ice Minus to name just a few. After countless hours of waveshaping and savage beat processing, the duo were ready to begin releasing in 2004. The main focus of the duo is to create intense sounds which evoked the kind of extreme changes into electronic music.
Source: https://soundcloud.com/3rdknd
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