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EATBRAIN Podcast 008 mixed by Teddy Killerz | 21st of June 2013
EATBRAIN Podcast 008 mixed by Teddy Killerz
Anton Mashevsky & Oleg Cholovskii, the Russian / Ukrainian heavyweights known as Teddy Killerz.

Although the duo only took up the Teddy Killerz moniker last year, the two producers have already left an impressive mark on the global Drum and Bass scene under the names Place 2b and Paimon.

With an uncompromising attitude to deliver their vision regardless of fashions or trends, the Teddy Killerz have already seen their forward-thinking music released on labels such as Caliber Music and Bad Taste Recordings.

Skrillex himself was so impressed by the duo's Make It Bun Dem Remix Contest entry that he not only proclaimed them honorary winners, but he also decided to sign them to his groundbreaking label, OWSLA. The label is famous for their intriguing and varied selection of artists, and they don't take new artists lightly.

Best known for their stellar Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Breaks productions, the duo decided to switch things up for their first original release for OWLSA with the Toys Riot EP, a three-track collection of some very filthy trap music.

"With a massive release catalogue under their belt and a bold, aggressive new sound, Teddy Killerz continue their assault on dance floors across the globe."

As such, with their last release "Teddy Killerz & Jade feat. 2shy - Violence / Blackout" (Eatbrain 007) and Eatbrain podcast 008 this duo is poised for world domination.

Jade's imprint Eatbrain and the world welcomes them warmly!!

Bone appetit; Eatbrain podcast 008!!

01. Teddy Killerz ft. Mizo & Zendi - Bad Omen [EatBrain]
02. Teddy Killerz - New Drums VIP [Bad Taste dub]
03. Aeph - Hudson Hawk [Lifted dub]
04. Engage & Receptor - Gothic [dub]
05. Paperclip - Jupiter in Danger [Paperfunk]
06. Qo - Killcode [Eatbrain dub]
07. Sunchase - As we Look (Teddy Killerz & Malk remix)
08. Place 2b & Paimon - Signal [Citrus]
09. Place 2b & Paimon & 2sides - Acromegaly [Disturbed]
10. Engage - Hostile [Close2Death]
11. Audio - Fallout [Freak]
12. Audio, Dylan & Robyn Chaos - Rapture (Axiom & Treo remix) [Freak]
13. Teddy Killerz & Jade ft. 2Shy - Blackout [Eatbrain]
14. Cruk - Punisher [Ammunition]
15. Teddy Killerz- Violence [Eatbrain]
16. Cyantific - Bounce It [Cyantific]
17. Nouwa & Encode - Pula [Dub]
18. Gridlok & Prolix - Babylon [RAM]
19. No Remorse - Hummels [dub]
20. Treo - Sasha [C4C]
21. Mindscape - Ratpack [Eatbrain dub]
22. No Remorse - Phenomenon [YSF]
23. Phace - Hot Rock (Nouwa & Encode remix) [free]
24. Sunchase - Next Rhythm (Engage remix)
25. InsideInfo & Mefjus - Mythos [Virus]
26. Nouwa - Credence [Cymbalism dub]
27. Place 2b & Paimon - Heat [Citrus]
28. Teddy Killerz - Shake [Bad Taste dub]
29. Optiv & BTK - Target [Blackout]
30. Disept - Program [Citrus]
31. Teddy Killerz - Z [Bad Taste dub]
32. DLR & Prolix - Originate [TrendKill]
33. Place 2b & Paimon - Slavery [Citrus]
34. Dayni - Extinction [Dutty Audio dub]
35. Place 2b & Paimon - Incub [Citrus]
36. Dabs & Safire - Back & Forth (Mako, DLR & Ant TC1 Remix) [Dispatch]
37. Teddy Killerz - Jacob [Eatbrain]
38. Vidual - Ironwood [Eatbrain dub]
39. FullCasual & Kooka - Do It (A-Cray Remix) [Black Seeds dub]
40. Malk - Finaly Loner [dub]
41. Disept & Zendi - Don't Walk Away [Icarus Audio dub]
42. Phonat - Morden Life [OWSLA]
43. Meta - Ultraviolet [dub]


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