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PRSPCT PDCST 003 by The Panacea | 5th of June 2013
PRSPCT PDCST 003 by The Panacea
Mathis Mootz is a prolific German electronic musician and DJ from Germany.

Mootz is best known as The Panacea (until 2005 simply as Panacea), his Drum and Bass stage name and main musical project, and as "m2" (pronounced "Squaremeter"), his dark ambient side project and alter-ego.

As A&R manager for Position Chrome, The Panacea became known for pushing the bounds of the Drum and Bass genre into industrial and hardcore territory, and for energetic DJ sets which fused these genres in a live setting.

Currently, The Panacea is part of the Anger Management booking agency roster as well as Freak Recordings, which led him to headline several events of the Therapy Sessions franchise.

For PRSPCT PDCST 003 The Panacea got behind the Wheels of Steel to prove once again that he is a true master of hard electronic music.


01. Goldberg Variations - Erda Prinzip
02. The Panacea - I Heart U Mathis
03. Gancher, Ruin & Goldenberg Variations - XXX Variations
04. Goldberg Variations - Whoopi Of
05. SPL & Dylan - Dark Soul 
06. Nanotek - Harpoon (Donny Remix) 
07. The Panacea feat. Dylan & Enzyme X - Blood Spasms
08. Gancher, Ruin & C.A.2K. - Hardcore To Vagina
09. Goldberg Variations - Maze Of Arafat
10. Goldberg Variations - Going In Blind
11. Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea (Evol Intent VIP)
12. Limewax - Lumpeth (The Panacea VIP)
13. Looh - Angel Of Shit
14. Tech Itch & Dylan - Golden Sword
15. Gancher & Ruin - The Seer
16. Counterstrike - Masterpiece
17. Cru-L-T - Snow in Summer (The Panacea VIP)
18. Audio - Bag Of Bones
19. The Panacea - SoDamn Insane
20. Chav & Lettuce - Is It Worth It
21. Counterstrike - Drone (Gancher & Ruin Remix)
22. High Rankin - Wonderment (The Panacea VIP)
23. Limewax - Landing Bone
24. Black Sun Empire - Eraser (Neonlight Remix)
25. High Rankin - The Rat
26. Gancher & Ruin - Detune
27. Amit - Driller Killer
28. Photek - Baltimore (Tech Itch & Dylan Remix)
29. Rell The Soundbender X Far East Movement - Inglewood
30. Noisecontrollers - Universe Was Born
31. Noisia - Tryhard
32. DJ Ruffneck - Drop The 9 & Bring The Ruckus
33. DJ Ruffneck, Gancher & Ruin - Heresy
34. High Rankin - Horrorcane
35. Acid Diaper - Mending Monday
36. The Horrorist - Haywire (The Panacea VIP)
37. Limewax - Riget
38. Tech Itch - Semisation (Goldberg Variations VIP)
39. Untergang - Fallin' (High Rankin Remix)
40. Gancher, Ruin & The Panacea - NRG
41. Diplo - Express Yourself (Gent & Jawns Remix)
42. SPL - Crushed (Audio Remix)
43. Goldberg Variations - OMG Zombie Fuck
44. Flosstradamus - DEAF (Web Release)
45. The Panacea - Trapmusic Resurrected (Counterstrike Unreleased Remix)
46. Munchi feat. Limewax & Tech Itch - 666 Untitled Vs. Cracking Core
47. Goldberg Variations - Wotan Prinzip

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