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EATBRAIN Podcast 007 by Telekinesis | 28th of March 2013
EATBRAIN Podcast 007 by Telekinesis
Telekinesis are an up and coming two man outfit, driven by the creative minds of Smooth and Markoman.

After working together for an extended length of time, they developed the 'Telekinesis' alias, and have begun to see immediate success.

Receiving DJ support from artists such as; Pendulum, Matrix & Futurebound, Chris Renegade, Diesel Boy, Ed Rush, Audio, Black Sun Empire, Optiv, Inside Info, Subsonik & Tallon and amongst many others. You can expect much more to come from this rising production duo.

This time it was Telekinesis's task to serve a delicious and mouthwatering EATBRAIN podcast, number 007. Eatbrain is the drum and bass imprint of Jade, the Hungarian neurofunk producer/DJ.

They are cooking a mixture with the best ingredients, such as brains and guts.

Bon appetit!!

01. Telekinesis & Concord Dawn - Nightwalkers (Eatbrain)
02. Telekinesis Vs Nc17 vs Kc - Micronaps (Breed12inches)
03. Optiv & Btk - Ignition (Kryteria Remix)
04. Axi - Exosphere
05. Telekinesis - Razorblade
06. Qo - Killcode (Eatbrain)
07. Telekinesis feat Coppa - Pocket Full of Drops (Eatbrain)
08. Trei & mc Beau - Limits (Som)
09. Optiv & Btk - Bad Attitude (Blackout)
10. Trei - Misfits (Som)
11. Optiv & Cza - Don't Look Now (Sgn Ltd)
12. Neonlight - Sprech Funk (Lifted Music)
13. Human Error - Ffrenzy (Close2death)
14. Teddy Killerz - Violence (Eatbrain)
15. Black Sun Empire feat. Foreign Beggars - Dawn of a Dark Day (Receptor Remix) (Bse)
16. Black Sun Empire feat. Thomas Oliver & Youthstar - All Is Lost (Telekinesis Remix) (Bse)
17. Telekinesis - Always Awake (Blackout)
18. Metrik - Drift (Viper)
19. Concord Dawn - Hendricks (Uprising)
20. Black Sun Empire + State Of Mind - Moonbox
21. Telekinesis - The Monk (Blackout)
22. Optiv & Btk - Malfunction (Blackout)
23. Vidual - Ironwood (Eatbrain)
24. June Miller feat. Sofie Letitre - Change
25. Aeph - Highway Thirteen (Breed12inch)
26. Mindscape - Ratpack (Eatbrain)
27. Kantyze - The New Noize
28. Treo & 2shy - Soldiers (Bad Taste)

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