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State of Mind State of Mind
@Jonny_thorpe will be following it up tomo for sure !
Published: 2015-02-01 06:50:22
State of Mind State of Mind
@Jonny_thorpe wtf? We've got an album called take control but not a track. Either way it's without permission! Shady
Published: 2015-02-01 06:46:23
State of Mind State of Mind
@Jonny_thorpe huh? Serious? What track
Published: 2015-02-01 06:38:46
Infuze Infuze
Out to dinner with the crew pre-show in Edmonton. flinchstagram flinchstagram @12thplanet…
Published: 2015-02-01 06:35:39
Evol intent Evol intent
Tomorrow is the last day to enter the Middle Of The Night remix contest!
Published: 2015-02-01 05:15:03
Maztek Maztek
#la #losangeles #finally #here #bassrush #tonight
Published: 2015-02-01 05:03:15


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Robyn Chaos Live Mix Barcode Filthcast037 | 19th of August 2012
Barcode Recordings was launched in Vauxhall, South London, in 2003 and was originally the sister label of the widely popular Renegade Hardware, supported under TOV Music Group Ltd.

Barcode's initial business was as a platform and tool to help establish up-and-coming artists within the scene.

Barcode Recordings’ podcast serie, named "Filthcast", gives you the chance to hear the hardest, most brutal drum and bass played first and exclusively each month by a roster of cutting-edge DJs such as Europe’s Machine Code, South Africa’s Counterstrike, The UK’s Donny, The Sect and Current Value, Holland’s DJ Hidden, and Russia’s Lucio De Rimanez.

This time in the mix, one of the most influential women in the Dark Drum and Bass scene and she is definitely a feast for the eyes and ears.

Robyn Chaos,
Dj and producer based in Philadelphia, U.S.

Also founder and Managing Director of the dark enthuasiasts DJ agency, Anger Management, tending to the diaries of artists such as Dylan, Technical Itch, The Panacea, Audio, Current Value, Counterstrike, Limewax, SPL, Cooh, Donny and more! She also organises "Therapy Session's" events Worldwide!!


Gein - Chemistry
Katharsys and Forbidden Society - Wall of Death
Hostage - Latex
Jakes, Tech Itch, Gein - Killsound VIP
BTK & Optiv - Drop It
Kelle - Piranha
Nanotek - This isn't Neccesary
Hostage - Slaves
CAYK & Katharsys - Matrix
Limewax - Big Bang
Dylan & Loxy - Dark Skies VIP
Dylan & Kitech - Lights Out
Gein, Zardonic, Chaos, Counterstrike - Revolution
Gancher & Ruin - Civility
Future Signal - Bloodbath
Catch Me - Alec Empire Mustard Pimp
Limewax - Share No Soul
Vidual - Bloodline

Stay locked on Robyn Chaos's profile @ for the latest updates and info about her.

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