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Fragz - Chaos Mix 2012 | 20th of May 2012
Fragz - Chaos Mix 2012
João Fragoso aka Fragz was born in 1989 in Oporto and music has been part of his life since his early days. Due to the influences of Hardcore/Punk/Thrash his sound is expressed in a combination of melodic elements and destructive patterns. These influences can be heared in his newest downloadable Dark DnB mix. Prepare your ears for this Fragz grenade!


Fragz - This Is Chaos ::: Yellow Stripe Dub
Fragz - Firefight (Ogonek Remix) ::: Metafiziq Dub
Fragz - Pyromaniac ::: Yellow Stripe Dub
Fragz & Bsa - Terrifying Rate ::: Yellow Stripe Dub
Mathizm - Break His Neck (Ymb Remix) ::: Ninth Circle Dub
Triamer - No Fear ::: Deadlines Dub
Fragz - Party Banger ::: Yellow Stripe Dub
Fragz & Ymb - Oren Ishii ::: Yellow Stripe
Fragz & Cooh - Tempo ::: Yellow Stripe Dub
Angerfist - Bite Yo Style (Dyprax Remix) Fragz Bootleg
Mathizm & Memtrix - Cardiak Arrest ::: Yellow Stripe Dub
Fragz - Dark Passenger ::: Metafiziq Dub
Fragz & C-Netik - Six Ft. Ditch ::: Yellow Stripe Dub
Katharsys - Guidance (Fragz Remix) ::: Sinuous Dub
Donny - Forgotten Coma (Counterstrike Duo Mix) ::: Barcode Dub
Fragz - Splinter Cell ::: Yellow Stripe
Cooh & Counterstrike - Crowdsurfer (T.O.A. Remix) ::: Yellow Stripe Dub
Prankster - Blood & Tears (Fragz Bootleg)
Dub Elements - Rude Awakening ::: Prspct
Switch Technique - Rude Soul ::: Dub
Dj Mad Dog vs Noize Supressor - Bassdrum Bitch ::: Traxtorm
Slipknot - Heretic Anthem ::: Roadrunner Records

Mixed with two CDJ 2000!

Playtime 62 minutes

Link: Fragz - Chaos Mix 2012

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