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Teddy Killerz - Pursuit EP (Neuropunk) | 30th of September 2019

TEDDY KILLERZ make their first solo release on NEUROPUNK RECORDS as they debut their PURSUIT EP on the label for NRPNK005. Infamous for the ursine fury of their tracks, TEDDY KILLERZ have releases across the full gamut of bass music labels such as RAM Records, Eatbrain, Playaz, and Disciple, whilst trio member Garud further stands as a founding member of NEUROPUNK RECORDS. Following their joint EP with Gydra which launched NEUROPUNK RECORDS in February, TEDDY KILLERZ now return to the label to deliver a burgeoning six track EP for NRPNK005.

PURSUIT roars out of the gate with a devious drumbeat whipped into a frenzy by the dissonant screeches of its seething saws, whilst the ominous chorale of DOMINUS dispenses a sonic smiting born from the power of its infernal bassline.
MUTATION’s anxious atmosphere provides the ideal environment for the transformations of a shifting bassline steeped in effervescent arpeggio, after which GET BUSY wastes no time in setting a flurry of warped basses and rapid percussion to the command of its namesake task.

Closing the EP is a two track pairing in RED LIGHT//BLACK LIGHT, which sets with the lurid suggestion of its first half amongst an energetic series of percussive impacts before the latter provides a deviant response amidst a set of shadowy sonics and the altered tones of the former’s vocal sample.
With NRPNK005, TEDDY KILLERZ bring their animalistic sonics to NEUROPUNK RECORDS with a series of six tracks spanning a range of styles to match the spirit of the label’s exploratory nature.

Release Date 30-9-2019
Label Neuropunk Records
Catalog NRPNK005

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