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Phonetick - Cyberpunk EP (Bad Taste) | 20th of February 2018
Bad Taste Recordings welcomes a new talented artist. Phonetick captured the attention with his intricate compositions, modern groove and cinematic atmospheres. Inspired by a major scifi genre which becomes an increasingly topical subject, he teams up with Meph, ParaDigitz and Mean Teeth to deliver proper Neurofunk material. Even though relatively new in the drum & bass scene, he’s already released on A.M.C’s TITAN, and holds the promises of a great future. Enjoy Phonetick’s Cyberpunk EP, and greet him with enthusiasm.

  1. Phonetick - Cyberpunk
  2. Phonetick - Shapeshift
  3. Phonetick, ParaDigitz & Mean Teeth - Let Em Know
  4. Phonetick & Meph - Universal
Cat Number: BT068DD
Release Date: 2nd March 2018
Preview & Buy link:

Phonetick // Facebook / Soundcloud
ParaDigitz // Facebook / Soundcloud
Mean Teeth // Facebook / Soundcloud
Meph // Facebook / Soundcloud

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