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Current Value - Dealy Toys (Invisible) | 21st of December 2017
Current Value - Dealy Toys (Invisible)
Current Value is an artist who has continually been at the forefront of drum and bass with his unique and pioneering approach to the genre. One of the few producers in the genre whose appeal transcends the scene, having collaborated with Bjork and counting Aphex Twin, Chris Clark and Chris Cunningham amongst those who have supported his work and consider his music to be forging new paths and cutting a path of exemplary refined techniques.

With the release of his 'Deadly Toy's LP on Noisia's Invisible Recordings label, as well as his ongoing CVAV tour that's breaching Europe's biggest indoor festivals this Winter, CV is just getting into his stride. His ongoing passion for exploring the sonic possibilities of a wide spread of d&b subgenres is entirely clear in the 13 tracks carefully built to peg out a diverse and powerful field. Deadly Toys cuts the kind of bold statement that Current Value has never shied away from, an exceptional LP from one of today's most forward-thinking producers.

Current Value - Dead Communication

Current Value - Deadly Toys

Current Value - Creating

Current Value - Greyscale

Current Value - Periodicity

Current Value - Sonar

Current Value - Influx

Current Value - That Smile

Current Value - Scenario

Current Value - Into The Matter

Current Value - Lost In It

Current Value - Heli Aggression

Current Value - All Terrain


Artist: Current Value
Release: Deadly Toys LP
Label: Invisible Recordings
Release Date: 21-12-2017

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