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Audeka (feat. Rawtekk) - Dark Energy & Direct Injection (MethLab) | 14th of December 2017
Audeka (feat. Rawtekk) - Dark Energy & Direct Injection (Engine Block EP Sampler)
The ENGINE BLOCK EP was inspired by learning about the functions and components of the internal combustion engine. We were fascinated with precision required for the design to work, as well as the human ingenuity required to bring it to fruition. AUDEKA

With DARK ENERGY (feat. RAWTEKK) and DIRECT INJECTION - US production trio AUDEKA deliver a pair of tracks that form a taster of their upcoming expanded ENGINE BLOCK EP on METHLAB RECORDINGS. Their awe-inspiring approach to immaculate sound design of true depth, laced with profound musicality is on full display here with Audeka bringing a unique touch to every genre they approach. Each of these tracks cuts very differently, with the raw abrasive force of 'DIRECT INJECTION''s aggressive and stripped stance on drum and bass and the complex syncopation experiments of its halfstep second drop; whilst 'Dark Energy' sees Audeka pairing up once again with the equally pioneering force of RAWTEKK to manifest a powerful breakbeat piece at an epic scale - a true and extended journey into an audio creation with extensive depth that ignites the imagination with its darkly emotive core.

The sonic make-up of the EP deliver an impactful manifesto of one of the most unique and capable production outfits currently creating, unleashing a release that breaks boundaries to build a multi-faceted cut into a range of genres approached from their distinctive audio palette. The results define an exceptional approach to music, with Audeka standing in their own right as a genre in themselves - that rare breed of artist that cannot be nailed down and that brings something unique to the table everytime. Unpredictable and relentlessly evolving - the ENGINE BLOCK EP follows up Audeka's ground-breaking 'Lost Souls' LP (nominated as one of the best albums of 2016 by UKF), with a release that clearly sets this gifted creative force apart as one of the most exciting sounds of the future.

Artists: Audeka (feat. Rawtekk)
Release: Dark Energy & Direct Injection (Engine Block EP Sampler)
Label: MethLab Recordings
Release Date: 14-12-2017

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