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Optiv & CZA vs. Inward, Hanzo & Randie - The Third Kind EP | 28th of June 2017
Optiv & CZA vs. Inward, Hanzo & Randie - The Third Kind EP
The long-running and legendary CAUSE4CONCERN RECORDINGS have been incredibly industrious so far in 2017, with each month bringing an incredible new chapter of their timeless vision of drum & bass. This series of releases since January has seen heavyweights such as Current Value, L 33, Pythius, Malux and Gydra issuing titanic slabs of audio for the imprint, with label heads OPTIV & CZA at the reigns, bringing their extensive experience to bear on the finest the genre has to offer. It's with their next release though that things really heat up, with C4C Recordings rolling out one of their most lethal forces in the form of relative newcomer trio INWARD, HANZO & RANDIE and a collaborative EP that sees them go head to head with Optiv & CZA themselves. The four tracks contained within see a refined and exceptional balance of timeless techniques in combination with utterly fresh concepts, melding to form a sonic ziggurat of immense proportions that is without a doubt set to fell everything in the wake of the drops within.
Optiv & CZA vs. Inward, Hanzo & Randie - The Third Kind EP

Title track THE THIRD KIND unleashes gritty tidal bass, intercepted with stuttering rapid-fire synths and an industrial aesthetic that levels the audioscape with pure tech contempt. ANCHOR POINT carries with it an obstinate nature in its effective abrasiveness, rolling with relentless energy and packing heavy sub-blows as it weaves within the stark space it sets out. With KNUCKLE HEAD the EP gets really stuck into the filth, with a rude syncopated swing that drips with gnarly attitude and a bassline that's designed for pure face-melting effect. BURNOUT caps things off with a rough stepper that rackets up the tension with an insistent mechanical sonic pincer movement.

The Third Kind EP introduces an essential part of the Cause4Concern Recordings label by inducting Inward, Hanzo & Randie into the core of the imprint to enable an incredible meeting of unique minds across generations and establish an unforgettable moment of connection. The result is an EP that's both viscerally contemporary but carries the timeless and deeply sick vibe that Optiv & CZA drive through whatever they touch.

Artists: Optiv & CZA vs. Inward, Hanzo & Randie
Release: The Third Kind EP
Label: Cause4Concern Recordings
Release Date: 17th of July 2017

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