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Matrix and Futurebound
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Matrix and Futurebound
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Matrix and Futurebound
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We proudly present our highly anticipated webshop | 11th of May 2014
We proudly present our highly anticipated webshop
Our crew members are regularly questioned about their shirts. People ask: "Damn, where did you get that?" and "How can I get one?!"... But selling our brand shirts was something we didn't do, and for a long time we had to disappoint them.

Until... We thought, why the hell don't we just do it?!

"How will it be to see our skull on each Dark Drum and Bass party around the world?" and "How fucking awesome will it be to go to church, school or whatever in a Dark DnB hoodie?". These were some of the questions we asked ourselves.

For us a genuine reason to make our dark-wear available for all those warriors who sacrifice their lives for the Dark Drum and Bass scene and worship the Dark Drum and Bass music. The shop will consist of clothing with our distinctive logo on it, and even though we swear by the color black, our clothing will also be available in different colors.

Get your Dark DnB merchandise here www.darkdnb.com/webshop/

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