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Sinister Souls live @ Defqon.1 2013 | 17th of July 2013
Sinister Souls live @ Defqon.1 2013
Adriaan de Koning and Fred Huurdeman are the working force behind Sinister Souls.

Based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, they create their own vision of filthy Dubstep with inspiration from Drum 'n Bass, Rave, Breakcore and Techno.

Sinister Souls have already reached some big achievements since they started in 2009. From being in the Beatport top 5 chart with their debut EP "Definition of Silence" on Rottun Recordings, to playing at festivals like Q-Base and Qore 3.0 in the Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam.

With lots of gigs in their own little country, foreign bookings in countries like Germany, Portugal and the US, they pave the way for their destructive sounds. 

Their sounds are picked up by the likes of Black Sun Empire, Excision, Bar9, Counterstrike, SPL, Borgore, Balkansky, Loop Stepwalker and many more.

They've released sick EP's like "Live It Up", "Ascension" and they have worked hard for their first album "Beat The Drum Hard" that has been released on PRSPCT Recordings. With some killer original material and collaborations with Counterstrike, Bratkilla, Gein, The Outside Agency, Dub Ellements and Erre.

Last June it was time for a massive festival called Defqon. 1. Sinister Souls was one of the major Drum 'n Bass represented. The whole Silver Area was devastated by Sinister Souls' gruesome kicks and strings.

And... Yeah, they recorded there set! Enjoy!!

01. Sinister Souls & Freqax - Connect the Cuts
02. Audio - Error
03. High Rankin - Horrorcane
04. Loadstar - Bomber
05. Counterstrike - Bionics
06. Sinister Souls & eRRe - Tuh Tuh Duh
07. Synapse - Renoised Sine (2000 Likes VIP)
08. Cooh - Spark
09. Detest - Blasteroid
10. Lowroller - Mixbreed Soldier
11. Existh - Fear
12. Cooh & Fragz - Space Cake
13. Sinister Souls - Skullsplitter
14. The Prototypes - Blackout (Ft. MC ID)
15. Looh (Limewax & Cooh) - Pectus
16. Gancher & Ruin - Ephore
17. Sinister Souls & Proton Kid - Danger Time
18. Katharsys - Ghost
19. Counterstrike & KC - Extreme Mutilation VIP
20. Sinister Souls - Swing
21. Sinister Souls - Let Me In
22. Sinister Souls - Into Our Claws
23. Gancher & Ruin feat. Dub Elements - Chicago
24. Sinister Souls - Black Book
25. Proton Kid & Infamous- Amazing Machine
26. N-Vitral - Suicide Hardcore
27. High Rankin - The Rat
28. Looh (Limewax & Cooh) - Angel of Shit
29. Sinister Souls - Beat The Drum Hard VIP
30. Sinister Souls feat. Gein & Bratkilla - Parasite Bandit
31. Sinister Souls & The Outside Agency - Perfect Organism
32. I:Gor - Testify (Sinister Souls F*CK YOUR BRAINS OUT Edit)

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