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congrats @AMCTITAN. well deserved my dude. the effort you put into the craft shows. respect 💯 https://t.co/RQVTtjaGVE
🔨 🔨 🔨 https://t.co/1dFIXIUouA
Dom and Roland
I’m in Melbourne. 🙌🏼
@OfficialDnBA Speechless, can’t thank you and everyone who voted for me enough. Here’s to 2020 and hope everyone ha… https://t.co/GM1yPa0e0Q
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B-Key started listening to Electro and Hip Hop back in the mid ?80?s, getting into the Breakdance scene and competing in the competitions alongside Dylan. He was heavily into the music, and by ?89-?90, B-Key was going out to Raves like Biology, Energy, Raindance, Telepathy and weekly clubs like Camden Palace and Orange soon became a regular thing. In 1992 a pirate radio station called Raw FM started (which eventually became Rude FM 88.2) and B-Key got a regular set each week, which he still plays today every Sunday from 6-8pm.

Producing was a natural progression and soon B-Key teamed up with Dylan and released their first track in 1994 on Droppin? Science Vol. 9 under the name of Kosmos.

Since then, B-Key has had a number of releases on Renegade Hardware,Freak,Biotic, XXX, Cylon, Outbreak, and remix work for Moving Shadow. He has also had several tracks of his tracks used in T.V. commercials on the Paramount Channel and Bravo.

Besides playing across London and Europe, B-Key has also toured several times in the U.S., playing in cities such as Chicago, Cincinnati and Philly. He is also one of the residents at The Therapy Sessions at Herbal in London.

Future plans for B-Key include assisting Dylan with the new freak sub label Obscene Recordings, as well as forthcoming releases on Freak Recordings, Renegade Hardware and possibly Metalheadz. He also is a mean Rambo look-a-like!!!
Source: www.angeruk.net
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